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New Release: Concealed Betrayal; The Sequel; Harmony's Dilemma

After the series has ended, author Dominique L. Watson brings Concealed Betrayal fans a novelette that brings back some of your favorite characters. 

While Zora and Vernell are happily married, Harmony is starting a new and exciting relationship with Jay. She's gotten closer to her extended family since her father died which causes her to come face to face with their family drama. 

Will Harmony be sucked right back into her families drama? How will she deal with the demands that come with a new relationship? Harmony is in for a ride as she faces another dramatic situation and a proposition she can't refuse. 

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I am here, I have arrived…

This is my place, my purpose my time…to shine

I’m a leader. Many follow me because of who I am and how I am

My status is important to whoever thinks it matters

Whether CEO of PEN’Ashe Magazine

Or running things at DMP

Or maybe I’m having an affair with my pen

In the end it’s all me

And I stand alone, in a lane of my own screaming from the highest building

Or quiet in my own little world

This right here is me…

I have arrived…

Watch me do my thing…

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